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to the community

Congratulations! You've created an account! Now it's time to customize your profile & find pen pals!

Use the 'Edit Profile' button to change information like your name, profile photo, and background photo.

Start by logging in and going under your profile.

Add a custom bio in the 'About' section. Make sure to publish your work to make it visible to other members!

Always remember to publish your changes!

add things like hobbies

and interests

and which languages

you speak!

specify what type of

letters you create...

long? short?

decorated? or not?

Need some more help? Check out this blog post written specifically for you. 

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After you're finished customizing your profile head over to the 'Members' tab to find Pen Pals!

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'Follow' Members with similar hobbies and interests.

You can message another member to discuss exchanging socials, letters, etc. by using the 'Message' button, which appears after you add the member as a friend.

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On the mobile version, messages can be created or viewed by clicking on the message icon in the bottom left corner.  

Download the Wix mobile app for easy access to massages, members,  the blog, online store, and more!

When Messaging a Member...

Start by introducing yourself! Add your age, country, maybe even interests and hobbies.

Then go in with the:

"I was hoping we could exchange some letters"

"I'm wondering if you would want to be my pen pal?"

                                                something of that nature.

Be respectful and courteous, as members who fail to follow our Terms & Conditions risk being permanently banned from the site.

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Now your all set! Ready to create your profile and enter the world of pen palling!

Need more inspiration? Check out our blog!