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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

You've done it! You're now a member of the Pen Pal International Online Community. In this short article we'll outline the next steps needed to starting your journey to a beautiful new pen pal friendship.

Now that you have an account its time to customize your profile. First, you'll want to add a profile and cover photo. Make sure your profile photo is a photo of yourself. Your cover photo could be another photo of yourself, your city, or a photo of one of your interests.

Secondly, you're going to want to add some information about yourself.

Be careful not to add any sensitive information including birthdate, address, etc. to your public profile. Only share private information with people you trust.

Some information you'll want to include to your profile include:


-City, Country, Zip Code




-What you're looking for in a pen pal

-Do you prefer long or short letters?

-Do you decorate your letters?

After completing your profile, the next step is finding some brand new friends!

Click the 'Members Area' tab to explore our community and discover possible pen pals. Follow friends, and message other members through the 'Member Chat' feature in the bottom right corner of the page. When you send another member a chat message, the message goes to their account within the website and to their email.

After you've connected with your new pen pal its time to exchange addresses and send the first letter! Checkout out other blog posts for first letter inspiration and other tips and tricks for getting to know your new pen pal.

Happy Mailing!


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