The Best (and Worst) Mini Gifts to Send to Your Pen Pal!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Adding mini gifts can be a fun way to add some love and some flare to your pen pal letter. This article will lay out the best (and worst) mini gifts to add to your letters!

It may be a little slice of home, a tasty treat, or something sparkly. Often it's these extra touches that really show your pen pal how much time and effort you put into your snail mail. But it's not always easy knowing what to add. When choosing mini gifts you want to aim for things that are small, flat, and light.

Handmade gifts


- mail tags

- friendship bracelets

- embroidery samples

Paper gifts

- postcards

- printed pictures


- maps

- recipes

- magazine articles

- doileys

- word search

Craft supplies

- stickers

- washi tape samples

- paper clips

- ribbons

- stationary paper

- stencils

- stamps (used or new)

Tasty treats

- tea bags

- chewing gum

- hard candies

Other gifts

- balloons

- face masks

- jewlrey

- confetti

- pins

- magnets

Whatever you add, do so with love. Pen Palling is about forming friendships, not solely exchanging gifts. Mini gifts are a great way to show love and add spice to your package, but if you find that your pen pal is requesting specific gifts, or money, it may be time to cut the relationship off. Check out our safety tips for more information.

Some things to avoid

- chocolate

- plants (if shipping internationally)

- seeds (if shipping international)

-parishable food

-heavy items

When adding gifts take into consideration if the item will add weight to your package and require more postage. When in doubt, take it to your local post office to get it properly assessed to avoid having it returned.

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