A Quick & Simple Guide to the Perfect K-pop Themed Letter

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, is a genre of music and culture that's gaining wild popularity among today's youth. K-pop is becoming more and more popular among world audiences and as such, international pen pals have found this niche a great way to connect on a personal level. In this article I'll give you some quick tips to perfect your K-pop inspired letter!

Start with the perfect color palette:

Any well themed letter has a harmonious color palette. From all the colors of the rainbow to intense warm tones, use the palette that resonates with you most! Consider also extracting colors from your favorite photos to find interesting combinations!

Example from different Mamamoo photos:

Add a playlist of all your K-pop favs:

If you listen to K-pop you’ll definitely have some favorites on a Spotify playlist. Maybe a song from EXO or Stray Kids? Share them with your pen-friend via an adorably themed playlist! Here’s mine:

Spotify even has an amazing feature where you can print your playlist's "Spotify code" so your pen pal can scan and listen directly to your playlist!

Learn more: https://www.spotifycodes.com/#

Ask about your pen pal’s favorites K-pop groups:

In the questions section you can take the opportunity to ask your recipient's favorite groups, songs, etc! Some other interesting questions may be:

•What is your favorite song of all time?

• First K-pop song

• Favorite concert

• Currently ringtone

• Best aesthetics in MV

Add your favorite K-pop phrase:

Many songs in the K-pop world are very deep, full of feeling, and very beautiful. One of the

most unique things you can add to a letter is writing out your favorite lyrics. My favorite so far:

"I'm the best when I'm myself" -Wannabe ITZY

Add some goodies:

Who doesn't love extras? Anything from Polaroid photos, washi tapes, stickers, post-it notes, pressed flowers, to pretty pieces of paper! You can even draw some cool fan art for your pen pal! Anything to show your pen pal some extra love and tie together the theme of the letter. Some specifically K-pop goodies include prints and collages of your favorite artists, custom memo paper, and Korean inspired stickers and snacks.

Finally, write about your K-pop journey:

Conclude with something personal about your K-pop journey. All the K-pop journeys are different and special, so write the letter and tell your pen pal all about it! Throughout your letter be sure to add questions for them to respond to, write conversation style. Let the creativity flow!

This Article was written by Yuuki: "I'm from Argentina and I love everything related to Asia. I think that letters are a special way to communicate and I love making them!"

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