Pen Pal International Post Card Exchange


How it works

People interested in participating are able to sign up within the week of June 14- June 19th. On June 20th, the exchange will be closed. Over the next week, each member will be assigned an address that they are to send a post card to. For the sake of privacy, no names will be given out, only mailing addresses. By June 30th, all post cards must be sent out and all participating members must submit proof (photo) that they've sent out a post card.


*This is a ONE TIME exchange. You will send one and receive one post card. Any further communication is not expected nor encouraged.

There is no sign up or participation fee but its important to research the cost of postage in your country as you will be responsible for that charge. For reference: USA Domestic post card shipping cost $0.35, USA international post card shipping cost average $1.20

Pen Pal International
Post Card Exchange